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What can I add to my too-wet tuna+potato patties to make them less mushy?

I'm a terrible cook. I knew I could add mashed potatoes to bind canned tuna + mixed veg in order to make a patty that I would then bake on an oiled pan, but I added too much; the consistency is like ...
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Salvage tuna marinated in pineapple

I was experimenting with marinating tuna steaks in a pineapple/orange sauce and when I seared one, it had a mushy surface and overwhelming pineapple flavor. I still have a few steaks marinating. Can ...
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4 answers

I accidentally put my canned tuna in the fridge

I accidentally put my unopened canned yellow fish tuna into the fridge for about a day. I took it out and put it in the pantry. Is it safe to eat?
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Are tuna pouches still good after being in fridge?

I have unopened pouches of tuna in the fridge with expiration date of 9/1/23. My question is, are they still good if I take them out of fridge and store at room temperature? We are moving and I have ...
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why does tuna in olive oil and cooking cream often go wrong

When mixing tuna (from a can and heated with a little olive oil) with cooking cream (panna), often the whole thing goes wrong, unfortunately: Instead of having a nice homogenized creamy sauce, the ...
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How to improve my Lemon Pepper Tuna? [duplicate]

I am a tuna fan. I usually pour it from a tin onto a sandwich without cooking it. Yet there is one kind of tuna that is a problem for me: tinned "lemon pepper" tuna. I don't mind a bit of pepper kick. ...
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Japanese Ingredient question

I have a recipe I received several years ago from a sushi class I took for spicy tuna rolls. There is two ingredients I can't find when I search the web. They are: KOBASHI and TOBIASHI. Any idea what ...
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4 answers

Does canned tuna contain (dead) parasites?

While using canned tuna to make salad, I remembered a Youtube video about sushi-grade tuna. If I recall correctly, the main criterion was if it contains parasites and that it's rather hard to find a ...
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2 answers

Albacore or Yellow Fin

I once heard that one type of canned tuna is prone to have less mercury (poison) based upon the size it is at harvest or the location where it is commonly found. I buy Genova brand which has both ...
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substitute for tuna in Poke

I like Poke, but prefer to avoid tuna (due to sustainability concerns). I tried with salmon and it was a mixed result. The taste was good, but too many bones and hard stuff, at least in the ...
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Why is there a luminous orange hue in this piece of tuna?

I just sliced this piece of tuna that had been in my freezer for about a week and had been thawed in the refrigerator for a day - to find this luminous orange colour to it. It was on the outside of ...
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Can canned food (like tuna) be refridgerated for months then put back in the pantry?

I forgot about the tuna I left in the fridge.
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1 answer

Fatty Tuna vs. Tuna

Why does fatty tuna cost more than lean tuna? Is it because some people think it tastes better?
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Does canned tuna contain preservatives?

I want to know how the tuna can be kept for so long in a can. Do they use preservatives? Or is it just tuna and water (or oil or brine)?
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How do I prevent opened canned tuna from going stale?

I want to start buying those big tuna cans to save on costs, but I know that after one day at the fridge opened tuna becomes stale. It loses its tangy flavor and gets a rubbery texture. Is there a way ...
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2 answers

Why does my tuna Casserole turn sour?

I've never had trouble making Tuna and Pineapple casserole before coming to Turkey. After making the white sauce and adding the cheese, tuna and fresh pineapple the whole mixture turns sour. No amount ...
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Tips for cooking seared tuna just right?

I'm awfully fond of seared tuna, and I have the recipe down pat. However, I'm rarely 100% satisfied with the results searing part- I typically overshoot on the thickness of the cooked layer. For the ...
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How long will tuna salad stay good refrigerated?

If you make tuna salad, how long is it safe to keep it refrigerated after the tuna is out of the can? I don't like to keep regular raw fish for more than a day but I guess this is different.
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What's special about ahi tuna?

When I see tuna steaks, seared rare, on restaurant menus it's almost always Ahi tuna specifically. What's special about Ahi with this preparation method? Does it have different cooking properties ...
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Do frozen ahi tuna steaks need to be seared?

I have a bag of frozen ahi tuna steaks purchased from Costco. Some of them have been quite tasty when seared. That said, I heartily enjoy raw tuna, so I am intrigued with the idea of trying them raw. ...
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Why is there liquid in my macaroni salad, potato salad and tuna salad the day after making them?

When I make potato salad, macaroni salad, tuna salad, and sometimes ham salad, it seems like there's always a puddle of excess liquid at the bottom of the storage container the next day. Does anyone ...
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Tuna Alternatives

I simply love eating tuna, specially with sweet potato, sweet corn and mayonnaise but because tuna isn't good if you eat it everyday, I was wondering what could be best alternative that has good ...
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How can tuna/bonito be tested for histamine?

I think I suffered scombroid food poisoning, together with some other people. I actually got the worst of it. The others experienced pain in the mouth. I had facial flushing and tachycardia as well. ...
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Why would fresh tuna be salted?

I bought a big piece of tuna about a week ago. I carved it up and put most in the freezer. However, as I am the proud owner of a vacuum sealer (as of a week ago), the worst part of the tuna got vacuum ...
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Fish and cheese: An unbreakable rule?

I always wondered about this seemingly static rule: Never add cheese (especially, but not limited to parmigiano reggiano) to a dish with fish. Italians would never, ever add parmigiano reggiano ...
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Should tuna steaks sit out before cooking?

If beef steak needs to sit outside the refrigerator before cooking, should the same thing be done for tuna steaks too?
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