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Use for questions about cooking or preparing the bird in the Meleagris genus, native to North America. Questions about the traditional cuisine from the nation of Turkey should be tagged [turkish-cuisine] instead.

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How long should I cure or brine Turkey Pastrami?

I want to make turkey pastrami for the first time. I have made beef pastrami successfully a few times. All the recipes for turkey pastrami call for curing or brining the turkey for a very short amount ...
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Thawing Turkey with cold and refrigerator methods

After I have started with cold water method for partial thawing, when I switch back to refrigerator should ai remove Turkey from original wrapper, pat dry, and place in another bag to complete the ...
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Is it ok to Brine a turkey ahead of roasting time

I would like to brine my turkey on Tuesday. Take it out of the brine Wednesday, rinse it and keep it in the refrigerator until I roast it on Thursday. Is this ok?
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Open turkeys too soon

We opened our turkeys and put them in a bucket of ice water. I have not added herbs and salt yet, but there is a week before Thanksgiving. Will the turkeys be ruined if I add the brine now? Should I ...
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Deep frying a half turkey

I’ve successfully deep fried my Thanksgiving turkey for the last several years using a 30 qt pot and a poultry rack. This year, due to COVID, it’ll just be my household so we’ll need a lot less ...
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Traditional Easter Turkey

I was talking to my butcher today who told me that lamb is a fairly recent favourite at Easter and that turkey used to be traditional (in England) I spoke to my mum and she confirmed that her parents ...
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