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What type of mint in tzatziki?

Most recipes I see for tzatziki often call for dill and/or mint. However none of them ever state which kind of mint is needed, it's always just listed as mint. So which mint is best for tzatziki? ...
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How can I stabilize Sriracha in sour cream?

I make a spicy Tzatziki inspired sauce to go with certain cuts of lamb, and I've been having some trouble getting the spicy part to be consistent. I use cucumber (no seeds or peel), sour cream, ...
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Difference between tzatziki and Indian mint dip (mint chutney?)

What is the difference between a tzatziki dip and an Indian mint dip? Aren't both just yogurt and mint? Or o is the difference that tzatziki also has some cucumber in it? Also, while tzatziki looks ...
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Can I freeze tzatziki sauce?

I've got a bunch of cucumbers from my CSA and one can only make so many pickles in a season :) Can we prepare a large batch of tzatziki sauce and freeze it to use later? Cucumbers have a lot of water, ...
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What do you use to make tzatziki? Onions, garlic, or both?

I found tzatziki sauce in a supermarket. If I recall correctly, the ingredients listed on the package included onions. I then read on Internet that tzatziki sauce is made with garlic. What do you ...
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What are the uses of tzatziki sauce? [closed]

I normally add tzatziki sauce when I eat roast left-overs. I cut the roast in slices (without warming it), and I add some tzatziki sauce. Are there different uses for tzatziki sauce? (I am sure ...
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