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Why would HTST/UHT milk be "unsafe, but not taste bad"?

User @rumtscho notes in another question's answer: If you are trying to keep the milk for multiple days in the fridge It will become unsafe after 3-5 days, there is no way around that. If you switch ...
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UHT cream storage - temperature extremes

I buy canned Anchor brand butter, which is sent by road unrefrigerated where afternoon temperatures are around 29C, sometimes higher. On one occasion I received a can that had melted and was no longer ...
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What is "reconstituted" milk?

Here in Chile nearly all milk you can buy in supermarkets is UHT milk in tetra bricks. Some brands state on the carton that the milk is "reconstituted", while others state that it is "not ...
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UHT Milk: small white floating stuff?

Sometimes the UHT milk I use has some small floating white particles (about 1 cm long, few mm wide) This is milk that has been kept sealed at room temp (30-35C) for about 2 months Any way to know if ...
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How is UHT milk heated to a high temperature for only 1–2 seconds?

I've read that UHT milk is pasteurized by heating the milk to a high temperature (e.g. 135 degrees Celsius / 275 °F) for an extremely short period — around 1–2 seconds. But this glosses over the ...
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4 answers

Why do some countries prefer UHT milk and cream?

My wife and I recently moved to Belgium. We were absolutely shocked by the fact that UHT (long life) milk and cream dominate supermarket shelves compared to pasteurized - by a factor of at least 10 ...
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Can UHT milk be used to make yogurt?

So I know you can't use UHT milk to make cheese, because of the way the proteins get denatured at that temperature. But can you use it to make yogurt?
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