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Questions tagged [vietnamese-cuisine]

Questions with this tag should be about traditional ingredients, preparations or dishes from Vietnam - such as bánh mì or phở. Questions about ingredients common to Vietnamese-style cooking, but which aren't about a specific Vietnamese dish, should not use this tag.

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1 answer

What gives Vietnamese Chicken the red tint?

A local oriental restaurant used to sell "Vietnamese Chicken", a hot plate dish of big chunks of chicken breast with onion and spices. The distinguishing feature of the dish was a deep red tint of the ...
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How to make Coconut/Chili Sauce (based on Photos) [closed]

This is a Vietnamese dish described in the menu as "Scampi with Coconut/Chili Sauce". Can anyone tell me what ingredients I would need to make this sauce at home? I enclose two different variants ...
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What is vietnamese pho? What exactly does it consist of?

What exactly is pho? I know it's a type of vietnamese cuisine. What does a bowl of pho typically consist of? What are the bare requirements to consider it pho?
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Gas stove + Wok Vs. Induction top + Skillet

I have two questions regarding woks: Can I achieve close to the same result with an induction top and either a kettle or high edge frying pan, or is a wok pan and gas stove paramount to achieving a ...
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