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What emulsifiers are suitable for a low-iodine diet?

People doing certain treatments for thyroid cancer need to go through a temporary low iodine diet. The diet can be quite restrictive: No iodized salt (only trust salt you added yourself) No dairy No ...
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My homemade vinaigrettes are fermenting and fizzing

I make vinaigrette's using dehydrated fruit powders. Been doing it the same way for over a year. Now all are fermenting and fizzing. I mix the powder with agave nectar, wisk my oil and vinegar ...
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What's the lowest ratio of oil to vinegar that you can use in a vinaigrette?

Thanks to the assistance of a smart food blogger, who saw immediately EXACTLY what I was asking, and knew how to phrase it to show that I'm NOT asking for opinions, I now have the following revised ...
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