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How are wasabi nuts made?

Background Trying to replicate wasabi almonds using Penzeys wasabi powder. Cannot retain the kick from the wasabi no matter what. Tried half a dozen things. Even with zero heat exposure wasabi loses ...
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Wasabi (peas) brussel sprouts?

I was wondering how successfully the formula of wasabi peas can be applied to other green vegetables? I'm familiar with them as a snack in some pubs in England, the peas become hard and crunchy, and '...
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How much of "wasabi" is actually wasabi in the United States?

After looking at wasabi's Wikipedia page I was shocked to find out that real wasabi loses the majority of its flavor in 15 minutes if left uncovered and that in the United States "wasabi" is actually ...
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Is wasabi considered to be spicy or to be a spice?

I was just talking to a friend about what to eat for dinner and he said he didn't want anything spicy. He then mentioned that Japanese food doesn't have anything spicy and I said "Wasabi". ...
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How can I approximate wasabi taste?

I want to obtain a taste very similar to wasabi, but without wasabi ingredients. How do I do it?
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The art of Sushi: using wasabi to kill parasites

I've been to many sushi places and last night I went to a place that I've been to before (not that long ago either). When the sushi came, we noticed that it had wasabi spread on the rice, under the ...
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Is there a special Wasabi paste/powder I should use when I'm making Wasabi ice-cream?

A friend of mine once made Wasabi Ice-cream. I remember she was saying she had used some special 'Wasabi Powder' Unfortunately I can't reach her, and I wanna try to make this Wasabi Ice-cream at home.....
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How can I maximize Wasabi flavor?

A few months ago, I went to dinner with my brother-in-law, and he introduced me to Sushi. I was skeptical (I've gone nearly 40 years without trying it), but I enjoyed it. My favorite part, however, ...
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Why does horseradish paste "curdle" when cooked?

I once made a tuna marinade that included some imitation wasabi paste. Usually when I cook like this, once the fish is done I cook down the marinade into a thicker sauce. In this case, the sauce ...
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How do you coat almonds in wasabi and keep it spicy and crunchy? (my wasabi paradox)

I've been trying to make wasabi and soy sauce almonds, like the ones you find at the store (Blue Diamond) but the only recipe I've found ( is very underwhelming. Despite using varying ...
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Sashimi Recommendations?

I've recently been to China, and I've tasted an extraordinary dish I wasn't used to. Later, I've found out that the name is Sashimi, which is made with raw fish (salmon) and wasabi. Now I want to make ...
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