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How much of "wasabi" is actually wasabi in the United States?

After looking at wasabi's Wikipedia page I was shocked to find out that real wasabi loses the majority of its flavor in 15 minutes if left uncovered and that in the United States "wasabi" is actually ...
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How do you coat almonds in wasabi and keep it spicy and crunchy? (my wasabi paradox)

I've been trying to make wasabi and soy sauce almonds, like the ones you find at the store (Blue Diamond) but the only recipe I've found ( is very underwhelming. Despite using varying ...
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How can I maximize Wasabi flavor?

A few months ago, I went to dinner with my brother-in-law, and he introduced me to Sushi. I was skeptical (I've gone nearly 40 years without trying it), but I enjoyed it. My favorite part, however, ...
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How can I approximate wasabi taste?

I want to obtain a taste very similar to wasabi, but without wasabi ingredients. How do I do it?
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