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How to de-seed a watermelon?

It’s summer and watermelon time. I know how to pick a good one (pro tip: a good greengrocer who has preselected the best batch on wholesale market). Then I cut myself a nice fat slice - and the ...
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What species of red round watermelon is this?

Screenshot's from YouTube. Is this merely an ordinary Mini Red Watermelon? My other guess is Japanese luxury fruit, but Ambrosio lives in Santa Monica CA. Is 'species' the correct term?
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How can I check if a watermelon is sweet or not when buying? [duplicate]

I buy watermelon from the market, sometimes they are sweet and sometimes they are not. How can I check if a watermelon is sweet or not?
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How do you make pie with Citron watermelon (not just the rind)?

Citron watermelon (AKA Pie Melon, Tsamma, and Colorado Preserving Melon) is said to be useful for making pies, preserves, jam, pickles and such. It is not used for fresh eating, typically, and is hard ...
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Watermelon - picking and managing them during heat

There are a lot of posts and videos on the internet about picking up the correct watermelon. Sure. I get that. My question varies a little different. I currently live in the UAE and climates here ...
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How to make XXL Watermelon Jell-O Shots without falling apart?

I was trying to make XXL Watermelon Jell-O Shots but the Jell-O was not firm enough and fell apart. Should I use more Jell-O and less water next time? The recipe requires unflavoured gelatin but I can'...
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What are the signs of a watermelon past its best?

Last week I bought a watermelon, and that day cut the rind of it. Also that day it was placed in a glass container, with a plastic lid that fits snugly around the glass on top, and stored in the ...
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Baking watermelon

A while back I saw an article/recipe for baking watermelon -- the watermelon was cut into fillets and baked for a couple hours (IIRC). This was supposed to totally change the texture and give it an ...
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What are the telltale signs of a bad watermelon? [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: How do I pick a watermelon at the supermarket? I always pick out watermelons based on the tips that people provide (dried up ends, root area gives in slightly when pressed, ...
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Cause of watermelon rind rotting (at room temperature)

I bought a large seedless watermelon 2 days ago, and I made sure to check for the following: Yellow underbelly Hollow sound Solid rind When I got home I left on the kitchen table. The room ...
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What is the best/easiest way to juice a watermelon?

Last year, I had a lot of leftover watermelon from a full-size melon and I pressed it in a strainer to get out the seeds and pulp, but it took forever. (I then froze the juice in ice trays and stored ...
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How do I pick a watermelon at the supermarket?

Lately, every watermelon I bring home form the organic section of the supermarket has not been sweet.  Among the small, seedless varieties, I try to pick the densest. How do I know if it is ripe?  Can ...
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