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Measuring powder vs non powdered (e.g. sugar) with measure spoon and precision scale

I bought a scale to measure very small quantities in 0.01 increments. The scale has a calibration weight of 50 grams and it measures so +/- an error as expected. My intention for the scale is to ...
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How big a garlic clove?

How big (grams) is a clove of garlic, as found in a recipe? I have a lot of recipes that call for some number of cloves of garlic. The problem is that garlic is a plant, and the size of the clove ...
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How much weight of a whole life chicken is a supermarket whole chicken?

If you buy a whole chicken in the supermarket it is defeathered, without head and feet and with the inner organs removed (sometimes you get some organs in a bag but I'm going to ignore that for this ...
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How much does a tuppenny loaf weigh?

I recently found an old recipe dating from (we think) the mid 19th century. It states to, "grate a stale tuppenny loaf". How much is that? Pounds, ounces, kilograms -- I haven't been able ...
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How do i stop small bits of cabbage from floating past my weight to the surface of sauerkraut brine?

How do i stop small bits of cabbage from floating past my weight to the surface of the sauerkraut brine? it's the 3rd day of ferment and i'm using a Ball Spring weight with a fermentation lid. I tried ...
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How many of this mug would be 750 grams of flour

To make pizza dough, I'm trying to measure 750 grams of flour. However, I don't have access to any weight measurement tool or any standard cup. I have this mug as unit of measurement. I wonder how ...
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2 votes
2 answers

Dry measurement and conversion to weight

If a recipe calls for 2 1/2 cups of shredded chicken, is that the same as 20 ounces? I'm always confused when it comes to dry ingredient measurements in recipes. Can I simply just convert each cup to ...
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2 answers

Do percentages on ingredient lists of cookies refer to pre- or post-baking weight?

Using Fox's Dark Chocolate Chunkie Cookies' ingredients as an example, per, Dark Chocolate Chunks (28%) refers to the weight before the ...
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5 votes
1 answer

Why do my weighing scales have ml and g?

My electric weighing scales allow me to set the weighing unit to various different units. 2 of the units are g (grams) and ml (milliliters). However, considering 1ml at sea level should weigh 1g (...
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Dividing dough into rolls

I'm looking for a good way to get uniform dinner rolls cut from a batch of dough (6 lbs dough and 4 oz per roll). I use an old-fashioned scale and I have found that unless I work very slowly, it does ...
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Egg sizes of yesteryear and today

I have a great Mrs Beetons recipe for Almond Icing. However, as it's a very old recipe and calls for the whites of 4 eggs what size egg should I use. As eggs on the whole have been getting smaller ...
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