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8 votes
2 answers

Is leftover whey after making 'this' cheese useful?

I know cottage cheese as it's from warm temperature of milk and rennet, and ricotta cheese from high temperature of whey and acid. So what is the cheese from boiling milk and acid, and does the ...
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Struggling to make vegetarian souffle pancakes with whey protein

So,I have been trying to use whey protein 80 percent concentration to make a souffle pancake. I want to replace the egg whites with whey protein concentrate. I tried but the mixture won't whip,my ...
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Is sweet whey better than acidic whey for Brunost cheese?

I have some left over whey. I want to convert it to Brunost cheese? Is sweet whey better than acidic whey for this purpose? Any ideas on the quantities I can extract.
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Can I just rinse a shaker, solely used for immediate consumption of whey with milk?

...and wash it properly every 3rd or so day. Keeping the shaker inside of the freezer, to slow(/perhaps prevent?) the bacteria growth? • By rinse, I mean to just shake it up with some water until all ...
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Can you sub collagen protein for whey protein isolate in baking?

I have Vital Proteins Collagen Peptides Unflavored, which is 90% protein (9g protein per 10 g serving). The whey protein isolates I've seen are also approximately 90% protein. Because I already have ...
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The whey of ricotta

I have made ricotta. (hot milk and lemon) I have seen some recommendations in relation to the whey of other cheeses. But I am not sure If I can apply it here. Can you recommend a good use of the ...
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Why didn't my ricotta curdle?

I've been making my own yogurt for a while – 1-2 quarts of whole milk, 12 hours cooked, into 1-2 pints after straining it all day. A few batches ago I started saving the whey. Today I tried to make ...
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8 votes
3 answers

Baking with Whey Protein

I wanted to experiment with baking with Whey Protein and I found recipes for baking online. I was wondering if any whey protein off the shelf can be used? Or do I need to find a specific type of ...
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1 vote
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Whey from yogurt to curdle milk

I know that adding acid to milk being cooked, will yield curdles that one can strain and store as cheese. Is it possible to use the whey from my homemade yogurt (now greek-style yogurt), but instead ...
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