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4 answers

Could I add butter to single cream to make whipped/double cream?

I want to make some whipped cream for millefeuille but I only have single. If I added butter to single cream and whipped it, would that add enough butterfat to it to make it suitable for whipping? ...
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3 answers

how to disarm a potentially pressurized whipping siphon?

My situation is much like spongefile's: I'm using my iSi cream whipper for the first time, charging it as instructed out of sweat-deserving fear of pressurized items Nothing is released when I push ...
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16 votes
2 answers

How does a whipped cream charger work?

I recently got an iSi whipped cream container that charges with nitrous cannisters. I don't really understand how the thing works, which I think would help my use of the system. How does this actually ...
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Why does whip cream dispenser sometimes produce "ragged" cream?

Sometimes I make whipped cream in my ISI cream whipper and it comes out beautifully fluffy and smooth, and other times when I dispense it, the cream looks "ragged" for lack of a better description. ...
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12 votes
12 answers

How can I thicken whipping cream?

I used to live in Britain and I'm familiar with using Double Cream (48%+ fat) in all my recipes. However I moved to Canada a year ago and double cream doesn't seem to exist in North America. This has ...
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Are N2O and CO2 chargers interchangeable for culinary purposes?

Cream whippers seem to use N2O chargers. Soda siphons seem to use CO2 chargers. But both chargers appear to be physically identical. The MyPressi espresso device, which uses chargers to force water ...
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Adjusting whipped cream to hold its shape longer?

How can I adjust a whipped cream recipe so that it holds together longer? I envision a cross between whipped cream and a light airy frosting. The whipped cream will also have different flavorings ...
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17 votes
4 answers

Why is a copper bowl recommended for whipping cream and egg whites?

They say you can get the whipped cream or egg whites "higher" or "stiffer" if you use a copper bowl. Why is that?
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9 votes
3 answers

Can you make whipped cream with half and half?

Can you make whipped cream with half and half? If you can, what, if anything, do you have to do differently?
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7 votes
1 answer

Overpressurizing a cream whipper?

This might be considered off-topic, but thought it was worth asking, as I have no idea where else to ask -- I'm trying to make something forcibly eject from a cake. I've done some testing with a can ...
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Can I use a pint/ 500ml whipped cream canister for small volumes?

When using a small volume of contents, is it better to fill a larger (pint/ 500ml sized) whipped cream dispenser only partially or to fill a smaller (half or quarter pint/ 125ml or 250ml) whipped ...
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3 votes
1 answer

how to tell if a whipping cream dispenser is overpressurized or underpressurized?

The question is simple - how to tell if a whipping cream dispenser is overpressurized or underpressurized without the risk of removing the head? Note: Initially I submitted two questions in another ...
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3 votes
3 answers

Why am I getting runny whipped cream from my iSi canister?

Lately when I try to use my iSi the whipped cream just comes out very runny. Does anyone know why this happens and what I can do about it?
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1 answer

Can sour cream be whipped?

Will whipping sour cream result in something with a texture similar to whipped cream? How about a mix of whipping cream and sweet cream? I want a pie topping with a sour taste.
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Differences between heavy and light whipping cream?

What is the difference between light and heavy whipping cream, and for what purposes would one want to use one over the other? What effects does the difference have on flavor, texture, etc.?
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1 vote
1 answer

Why does coconut milk separate when it is placed in the fridge?

I have noticed that for many coconut whipped cream recipes, you are supposed to put the can in the fridge overnight to separate the fat and the liquid. Can anyone explain the food science behind why ...
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How long can I store whipped cream for?

Can you store whipped cream. If so, how and for how long? If you can't, is that why commercial kitchens use a "dispenser'. is it as good coming from a dispenser?
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How can I make whipped cream if I can't always get cream?

I sometimes want to make whipped cream for dessert, but can't get cream in the market. What can I do in that case? One possibility: I did find that there is a quick way to do it by mixing a ...
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