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N2O canister getting stuck in whipping siphon?

this is the first time I tried to make homemade whipped cream, so I bought a new whipped cream siphon and some N2O cartridges, and the first time I tried to use it, all worked well and I made a bit of ...
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When I pull the trigger on my cream whipper, it won't stop, even when released

I have an isi gourmet whip, 1/2 liter. I prepare a standard preparation of whipped cream, meaning cream, some sugar, and a bit of vanilla extract, pressurize the canister, shake, and then when I go to ...
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Color bleeding when piping

I'm trying to mix color in whipped cream for decorations, but it always bleeds the color down to my white cake coat foundation. Can somebody help?
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At what pressure is whipped cream stored in a can?

Whipped cream is often sold in pressurized cans. At what pressure is the cream stored in such a can when it is new? Thank you!
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How to garnish coffee with cream

I have some liquid cream - it's a dairy product with a high fat percentage but thin enough to flow, you can make it into whipped cream by beating it (explaining due to different cultures and languages)...
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