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Are N2O and CO2 chargers interchangeable for culinary purposes?

Cream whippers seem to use N2O chargers. Soda siphons seem to use CO2 chargers. But both chargers appear to be physically identical. The MyPressi espresso device, which uses chargers to force water ...
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Can I use a pint/ 500ml whipped cream canister for small volumes?

When using a small volume of contents, is it better to fill a larger (pint/ 500ml sized) whipped cream dispenser only partially or to fill a smaller (half or quarter pint/ 125ml or 250ml) whipped ...
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How to avoid airy, thin whipped cream

I've always made my whipped cream with a 'stick hand blender, which creates the most amazing thick rich whipped cream! I never liked the airy, oily w/c from Starbucks but I wanted to get a dispenser ...
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Is this siphon based recipe for mousse au chocolat trying to whip the cream?

The following recipe came with my new N2O siphon: dissolve 75g of chocolate in 275g of cream cool to 5 degree Celsius strain through sieve into siphon to make sure no undissolved pieces of chocolate ...
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How can I make fat-free whipped "cream" with a whipped cream dispenser?

Does anyone have ideas to make fat-free or low-fat whipped "cream" in a whipped cream dispenser (I have an iSi one)?
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Minimum quantity of heavy whipping cream to get whipped cream from dispenser [duplicate]

I tried to make whipped cream with a 500mL dispenser by following the instructions (chill the dispenser for 3 hours, shake at most 7 times), but since I didn't want as much as commonly directed (2 ...
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