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Questions covering wine for both cooking and drinking, including selecting appropriate wines

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What is a substitute for red or white wine in a recipe?

If someone cannot or will not use wine for cooking, what would be a good substitute? Question applies to both red and white wine.
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Is it safe to cook wine or vinegar in cast iron?

I want to cook a beef brisket, following a recipe that suggests baking it on a bed of onions and red wine, or red wine vinegar. I'd like to use a cast iron dutch oven, but am concerned about the ...
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How long can I store cooking wine?

I made a dish that used a small amount of wine and now I'm wondering how long I can keep the rest of it for next time. I know you wouldn't want to keep good drinking wine around long after opening it,...
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Can I use cooking sherry instead of red wine in my stew?

So I found some Sherry Cooking Wine ($6 CAD) at my supermarket and I don't want to go and shell out too much money on a real bottle of wine just for a stew, is it possible to use cooking wine like ...
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Are vacuum pump effective to improve wine conservation?

Is there any evidence for (or against) those "Vacuum Wine Saver" pumps (such as "Vacu Vin") that claim to improve the conservation of opened wine bottles? By evidence, I mean blind tastings or ...
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Need to refrigerate vinaigrette?

I've made a red-wine vinaigrette dressing using olive oil (which makes up the majority of the dressing), red wine, garlic, and basil. My problem is that whenever I take it out of the refrigerator, ...
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Is there a substitute for port wine in a dessert risotto?

I am looking for a substitute for port wine in a "dessert risotto" that I would like to make. It's not that I'm worried about the alcohol (I would actually prefer to use the port), I just can't ...
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What is the difference between expensive wine and regular wine?

It's fairly known at most supermarkets and stores you can get regular, cheap wine. However, at some stores who dedicate themselves solely to liquor and spirits, they sell incredibly expensive wine, ...
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What defines cooking wine?

What makes cooking wines and cooking sake considered only for cooking? My thoughts would be how cooking sake has more spices added to it but I'm not sure for wine.
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Can I make risotto without wine?

I want to make risotto without using any alcohol. I am a vegetarian and I want to use vegetarian or mushroom stock only (without any meat). What is the role of wine in making risotto? Does it help ...
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Are there any scientific advantages to using a cork to stop a wine bottle?

Although I am by no means a connoisseur (I don't really even drink it) I have been investigating the various means by which wine bottles are stopped up. This was prompted by a negative reaction by a ...
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What is the standard amount (if there is one) for a "glass" of wine?

I have seen wine poured to various amounts in a wine glass; what amount is generally considered standard...4 oz, 6 oz, 8 oz?
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Does it matter what type of wine is used to make mulled wine?

I had mulled wine at a French restaurant I went to for dinner last night, and it was a very dry wine - which was interesting, since there was definitely added sugar and the spices are typically ...
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Achieve butter-like aroma in a vegan recipe

I am planning to cook a French bœuf bourguignon, but a vegan version. Apart from the wine and the herbs, I recall that the butter had quite an impact on the vegetarian version that I previously made. ...
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how to mix wine into cream sauce (or cream into a wine sauce) so it doesn't curdle

how to combine wine in a cream sauce so it doesn't curdle?
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Replacement for wine [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: What is a substitute for red or white wine in a recipe? I am making a short rib recipe which calls for white wine in the brazing liquid. I don't have any wine, what would you ...
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Can wine gone bad be bad for you?

Unfortunately, wine will eventually go bad. The time this takes can vary from a few years to many decades, but most wines eventually will get there; and things can always be sped up by improper ...
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What is a more common substitute for Shaoxing cooking wine?

I have never cooked with Shaoxing wine, so I'm not sure what would be its best substitute.
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Questions about shaoxing wine

What kind of shaoxing wine should I be looking to buy? My supermarket has shaohsing rice cooking wine which has salt added. After looking online, there seem to be people saying that the added salt ...
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Unopened wine bottles kept in fridge. Are they still good?

I have a couple of bottles of wine in my fridge that have never been opened (original packaging) and have been there for ~3 years. Would that mean that the wine have become worse and hence should ...
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