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Making roast beef and Yorkshire pudding the old fashioned way

According to the history of Yorkshire pudding, at one time long ago in England, they would hang a roast of beef from a hook and have the drippings create the Yorkshire pudding beneath it. Since ...
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Will using a stick blender 'chop up' the gluten in my Yorkshire pudding/crepe batter? If so, does it matter?

I've always made Yorkshire puddings and pancakes using a stick blender. I'll typically make the batter, leave it to stand for an hour or so and give it one last whizz about 5 minutes before pouring it ...
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Yorkshire Puddings with Fish in Sauce [closed]

What is the reason that Yorkshire Puddings are considered to only be served with roast beef / or perhaps as the batter for Toad-in-the-hole? (NB For non-UK residents, this is a baked dish consisting ...
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Yorkshire puddings in a fan assisted oven

Which shelf in a fan assisted oven is the best to use for making Yorkshire puddings?
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Yorkshire pudding - how do the proportions of the ingredient affect shape, texture and taste?

Some very interesting posts, like this one, which has links to some more extensive discussions and websites that I consulted, too, describe some aspects of the method used to prepare and bake the ...
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Yorkshire Pudding Batter -- Letting it "Rest"

I've heard it's a good idea to let your batter rest overnight. Since there are eggs in it, I would think that it would have to rest in the refrigerator. I've also heard that the batter should be at ...
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Does ingredient order matter when making Yorkshire Puddings?

With a mother-in-law who hails from the North of England I am well aware that when I make Yorkshire puddings my method is scrutinized. Luckily I have been assured by the master of such delights that ...
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Yorkshire Pudding Wraps

I saw a picture the other day of roast beef in a Yorkshire Pudding wrap and thought I'd give it a try sometime. The problem is that all advice I can find on how to make yorkshire puddings well points ...
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Choreography of making many yorkshire puddings

Say you want to make a lot (>4) yorkshire puddings, but your form only has 4 molds. What is your choreography? Do you ... stack several forms in the oven use one form, take out the pouddings when ...
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Flat Yorkshire Pudding

Why does my Yorkshire Pudding always flatten within minutes after I remove it from the oven? I always use a very hot oven and make sure the batter is at room temperature befor I put it in the oven. It ...
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Is it okay to put baking powder in Yorkshire Pudding batter?

It's just that, the first time I tried, they didn't rise as much as I thought they would. would baking powder help?
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Cooking Toad In The Hole - preventing "burn on"

I've recently cooked Toad in the Hole following this recipe from The first time I used a non-stick metal roasting tray and the second time I used a ceramic dish. Both times the batter ...
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How do you make Yorkshire Puddings rise reliably?

Has anyone got a foolproof method for Yorkshire Puddings? With the recipe I have they never seem to rise properly.
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