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Modern zucchini cooking time?

I have multiple recipes for soup that include zucchini (courgette) that are all at least 30-40 years old, and all of them seem to have you add the zucchini late in the cooking time, as if the zucchini ...
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Using Zucchini juice in bread recipe

I was freezing some shredded zucchini yesterday and squeezed out the juice. Made me wonder whether you can substitute zucchini juice or other juice for water when making sandwich bread in bread ...
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My Carrot Apple Zucchini Bread is moist but it crumble when you cut it. How can I fix it?

I have been baking zucchini bread for many years. I bake several different kinds. I found this new recipe and decided to try it. It is moist and tastes great. The problem is when I cut a piece it ...
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Preparing cut vegetables for the next day?

To speed up lunch cooking, I'm considering pre-cutting some veggies the day before. I often do quick meals with zucchini and eggplant and both do seem to be not too well suited for cutting and then ...
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Can zucchini be increased in zucchini bread recipes?

I would like to increase the amount of zucchini in my zucchini bread recipe. Can I? How much? Does increasing the amount of zucchini make other changes necessary?
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How can I make zucchini bread less moist?

I made zucchini bread, and it turned out very tasty but too moist. It was very dense and somewhat sticky - not in an underdone way, though. I actually baked it for 5-6 minutes longer than the recipe ...
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Why is my zucchini bread mushy?

I just followed this recipe. My only changes were to add walnuts, and some allspice. After the 50 minute baking time, it was still quite gooey, so I kept it in the oven, checking every 5-10 minutes. ...
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How do I remove bitterness from zucchini?

I have thin-sliced zucchini and steamed it for use in my soup. One of the zucchini turns out to be bitter. I have saved half of it for use on the next day. Is there a cooking method that will remove ...
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Using yellow instead of green zucchini in vegetable soup

Can I use yellow zucchini instead of green zucchini in vegetable soup or is there a significant difference of between them?
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What vegetable for sauteed zucchini could I use instead of tomatoes?

I like to fry or sautee onions, garlic, chilis, spices (for flavor) and zucchini (the main ingredient); then stir them in a can of chopped tomatoes and simmer for a few minutes. The tomatoes are a way ...
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How can I pan fry zucchini without making it soggy?

I really enjoy pan frying zucchini in a small amount of olive oil with some salt and pepper. It always turns out tasting great, but it is often times really soggy. Is there any way to pan fry the ...
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Can you freeze chopped zucchini?

I know that I can easily freeze shredded zucchini for long-term storage if I stored it in a vacuum sealed freezer bag. However there is a recipe that I really want to make over the winter that ...
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How to drain zucchini and eggplant

I am making a dish that involves roasted vegetables and couscous. I have often found, though, that the zucchini and eggplant are unpalatably watery after roasting them. I have read that if you salt ...
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How to prepare courgettes/zucchini? [closed]

I'm interested in an techniques for preparing courgettes? I cook mine either in a stew or I lightly fry them until brown. Are there any techniques to prepare the vegetable before cooking in either in ...
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