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What should I know to tweak my chili powder?

I am planning on making some chili powder this weekend using ancho, pasilla, and guajillo peppers. I got a nice big bag of each recently and have two questions about chili powder.

  1. I keep reading that it should stay potent for about 6 months, in an airtight container. I have also read that I can mill/blend the peppers and freeze the powder for 6 months and then use. How does storage work?

    • Do these 6 months stack on top of each other; or is it six months potency one way or the other?
    • Is there an alternative preparation of/method for using the milled chili (powder) that would allow me to get a better shelf life? (My main concern is not having spices that last forever; rather it is to have them remain potent for a reasonable period.)
    • Does the "6 month potency" begin once the chili powder is prepared, milled, or when the peppers are dried (or some other time)?
  2. I am weighing the different variables of how to prepare the chili powder itself (i.e. I was a bit disappointed to see more than one "recipe" with one step: "blend"). How does preparation work for powders?

    • If I want to toast the ground spices, what impact will this have if I do so before storage? Should toasting be done dry (i.e. no oil), or are there tweaks (i.e. to how they are roasted) one can make?
    • If I use fresh roasted peppers (i.e. if I go to the store and buy some fresh habaneros, and roast them in the oven), how do I incorporate them? More fundamentally, how do I incorporate wet ingredients into the powder? (I do not have any dehydrating appliances beyond oven/range.)