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7 of 10 fixed the question to be more specific in why I need to know what type of fiber this drink uses

Fiber Drink that are homogenous solutions

I have come to know fiber as

  • (1) a substance that is, at the very least, hard for the human digestive system to digest; it basically passes through your system un-phased.
  • (2) a substance that causes you to eat less food; it expands within your stomach (or in the presence of liquid) like some seeds that gel up, for example.

I have known for a while a drink that considers itself to be a fiber drink; however, there is one thing that is confusing me.

In scientific terms, the drink I am confused about is a homogenous solution. All the ingredients have dissolved into the liquid and you cannot see any visible particles; just liquid. For example, orange just might be considered homogenous when it is shaken up; however, you can still see visible particles when it is shuck up, and those particles seperate after time. Therefore, orange juice is not a homogenous solution. Keyword, solution. Just to clearify, a homogenous solution basically looks like water that might have coloring; you cannot tell the difference just by looking at it - no matter how much time passes.

So my question is, can this actually be a fiber drink? If it actually is, then how does this type of fiber work? It has to be different from the 2 ways I mentioned above! I am curious because there is a recipe that asks for this specific type of drink, and I am wondering if I could use a different kind of fiber drink. I am wondering how this type of fiber drink is different than others.

If you are wondering what the drink is, the name is called Miero Fiber (미에로화이바). It is a Korean drink.

FYI, I am not concerned with weight-loss here.

enter image description here