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After a good search of the internet I could not actually find the ingredients of the broth. I think, as its a broth your dog will probably be perfectly fine.

However I've also been reading another post that seems to be totally against giving broth.. So I took a look for the toxic level for Dog's and found this:

The toxic dose has been found to be as low as 5 g/kg in cats and 15 g/kg in dogs.2 A medium-sized onion (2 to 3¼” in diameter) is approximately 150 g, and the average weight of a garlic clove is 6 g. A 10-lb dog would ingest a potentially toxic dose by eating only half of an onion.

I would however be more worried about the sodium content of these 'enhanced' chicken breasts. I've read on one page that the sodium in some chicken is 20% (440 mg) of an adult human's daily intake which I'm no vet but I'm guessing is close if not way more than a dog should be having.

Might be worth just buying premium dog food?