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enriching thai curry with milk?

I come from Indonesia, but you might be more accustomed to Thai cuisine, so I use the term Thai curry in the title because the curries are similar. no, really. just a tad sweeter rather than sour.

So, from this "Indian Spicy" vs. "Thai Spicy" , I gather the difference between thai and indian, and I want to enrich it with milk (no, I won't replace coconut milk, but I want to add milk to the coconut milk curry basically) .

how do I do that? or should I add Veloute,Bechamel etc to enrich Thai curry? or is it not favorable (heh) to enrich a coconut-milk based curry with dairy? I can't use ghee (hence won't go to Indian route) because it's too expensive in my country. and I will replace butter with BOS (butter oil substitute), real butter are quite expensive here. any seasoned advice is welcomed. and... I use brown beef stock (roasted beef bone stock), if that matters.

EDIT: I won't use this with rice but congee. yeah, curry congee.