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Reading your question and all of the comments (that include some valuable information that should be in your question ;-) ) answering what you really need as knowing the English words only will definitely not help you when in Hungary as I've seen many translation errors reading ingredients even in sophisticated multi-language countries like Switzerland and Belgium:

  • English: grape(s), raisin(s), sultana(s), currant(s) (except blackcurrant)
  • Dutch / Flemish / Afrikaans: druif/druiven, rozijn(en), krent(en)
  • French: Raisin(s)
  • German: Traube(n), Rosine(n), Sultanine(n), Korinthen
  • Russian: виноград, изюм, кишмиш, султанша
  • Italian: Uvetta, Uva, Sultanina
  • Spanish: uva (grape), pasa (uva desecado, i.e. raisin), pasa de corinto (currant), grosella (gooseberry)

Note ¹: Anyone knowing more languages, feel free to edit and add more. I'll call on some people in my SE circle of friends to add some more languages as well in the meantime.
Note ²: My Hungarian is too rusty: not playing with your daughter's life....

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