I find I'm just eating more vegetable dishes with each meal. For example, last night I had roast lamb. I roasted the first potatoes from the CSA and they were fantastic. But I also roasted a small cauliflower (cut into pieces) and I sauteed some small white turnips and onion, because I'm getting about 5 turnips a week and need to use them up, and I'm getting a small cauliflower a week too. A few nights ago I grilled steaks and in addition to mashed potatoes, I sauteed green beans and garlic and made a salad. In pre-CSA days it would have been one other vegetable, tops. But now I find I can't let a meal go by without adding a vegetable dish or two to it. My top 3 techniques are soup, roasting, and sauteeing. It's not really about technique though. It's about keeping that giant pile of vegetables in mind and adding something to each lunch and each dinner.

This really is a feature of the CSA approach - making me eat more vegetables. I'm not really making new meals, but the ones I'm in the habit of making are getting enhanced.