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Coffee may refer to either the beverage, coffee beans, or just the flavor. See also, a dedicated site for coffee. Questions *purely* about coffee can be asked there, but cooking questions involving coffee are definitely best asked here.

Without more details, it's hard to pinpoint, but here's a few suggestions: Start by checking the setting on your grinder. You may not have it set fine enough for espresso. NOTE: if the coffee is … beans). Also take into account the size of the portafilter basket. For example, if you try to put 17 grams of coffee into a triple basket, you will never get a good pour. I would suggest trying 18 g …
answered Sep 11 '13 by lunabug
It's really going to be a trade off between the flavor defects, but it also depends on the brewing method, and if it's drip or espresso. For us, with drip, stale coffee tastes worse than badly … ground coffee. We can always tell if coffee has been freshly ground or not, because the characteristics and flavor profile change the longer it's been ground. Having a crappy grinder will affect the …
answered Aug 29 '13 by lunabug