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A dairy product made by churning milk to separate the butterfat from other milk components. Questions may involve butter either as an ingredient or as a final dish.

cookies which are made by alternate methods. Many cookies, for example, are made with melted butter which does not have the ability to trap air the way solid butter or shortening does. There are other cookies, such as French macarons, which have their structure and leavening from egg whites. …
answered Jan 27 '14 by SAJ14SAJ
Yes, that is how browned butter or beurre de noisette (as it is called in French) is made. Of course, normally, you would not let it scorch to black. You want a rich hazelnut color as indicated by the French term. …
answered Sep 25 '13 by SAJ14SAJ
final ghee. This typical recipe describes this part of the process as follows: Let the butter simmer for up to one hour. Keep an eye on it and keep the flame on your stove as low as possible …
answered Feb 9 '13 by SAJ14SAJ
. If you want to be absolutely accurate, butter is only about 80% fat, and 20% water (this is an approximation), so you would use 4/5 the amount of coconut oil as butter. …
answered Jul 18 '13 by SAJ14SAJ
I suspect this idea comes from the fact that you can, without horrible results, sometimes substitute apple sauce for the butter or oil in some quick breads or muffins. For an explanation on why this … horrible result, but it won't have the same quality as making the mix according to its directions with butter or oil. Of course, it also will taste strongly of pumpkin, which is a much more assertive …
answered Oct 18 '13 by SAJ14SAJ
Melt the butter and brush it on with a pastry brush. …
answered Jan 8 '13 by SAJ14SAJ
Melting the butter and mixing it with milk or other liquid ingredients is almost always done as part of the muffin method, where a muffin, cake or quick bread batter is formed by mixing dry … ingredients together, wet ingredients together, and then quickly combining the two. In practice, the butter is not going to mix with the milk. It is going to mostly float on top, and stay liquid. You will …
answered Mar 28 '14 by SAJ14SAJ
Very, very few pizzas are made with butter. There is no way to make a universal statement, but butter is a rare. Olive oil would be more likely. Many pizza doughs are fat-free, including the … traditional pizza di napoli; New York style generally contains olive oil. It is rare for any traditional toppings to contain butter. Some individual cooks might saute vegetables in butter, but even then …
answered Mar 26 '14 by SAJ14SAJ
most oils. (Cocoa butter would be another exception; it is quite hard at room temperature). Generic vegetable oil, at least under US labeling laws, may contain any number of vegetable oils including … corn, soy, rapeseed (canola) and so on—or even a mixture of any or all of these. They are all quite similar in the saturation and viscosity at room temperature, and so any of them should perform similarly in your butter application. So go ahead and use the vegetable oil. …
answered Sep 13 '13 by SAJ14SAJ
Often, assuming they are not too burned, you would make a simple pan sauce from the fond and fat left after pan-cooking a steak. Methods vary, but might include sauteeing some shallots or onions in t …
answered Oct 13 '13 by SAJ14SAJ
The texture of a cookie is based on much more than the fat used, shortening or butter. In fact, within some basic limits, they are fairly interchangeable in most cookie recipes, flavor not … for biscuits, where butter is cut into the dough, and then moistened. When they are rolled out, the pieces of butter flatten into layers, separating the flour layers, and providing the flakiness. …
answered Sep 25 '13 by SAJ14SAJ
The primary distinction between ghee and beurre noisette is twofold: In preparing ghee, every effort is made to ensure that all of the water is evaporated from the butter, so that it is has good … reason for making it, so they are included in the final product. The name reflects the color (as of hazelnuts) of the browned butter, due to the browning of the milk solids. …
answered Jul 18 '13 by SAJ14SAJ
You are asking not just to substitute for butter, but to reduce the total amount of fat in cookies. All of the most common butter substitutes are going to be oils, margarine or other fats since they …
answered Dec 22 '12 by SAJ14SAJ
. Chocolate chips, especially from supermarket brands, often have some of the cocoa butter of true genuine chocolate removed and substituted with cheaper lipids like hydrogenated vegetable oil … high, so that some of the the water boiled out of the butter, leading to seizing—but if that were true, you almost certainly would have scorched the chocolate as well. Most recipes which direct the …
answered Jun 27 '13 by SAJ14SAJ
adjust the "salt to taste" step of your recipe in many cases. There are a very few uses (such as yeast raised dough) where you want to be more precise. I would not use salted butter for a yeast dough by … preference, but if I had to, I would calculate the amount of salt to remove from the other ingredients based on this ratio: 1 1/4 tsp salt / 16 oz butter
answered Feb 7 '13 by SAJ14SAJ

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