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A separately-prepared cooking liquid or condiment served with other food.

There is no set amount or rule to guide you, as there is a lot of variation in tomato sauce for spaghetti. Some people use oregano, some use marjoram, some use thyme, some use basil...some use a …
answered Feb 22 by moscafj
accompanying sauce. With attention and experience you will learn how to adjust that seasoning depending on the seasoning of other ingredients in the final dish. However, you should season each component to some degree (again, salt specifically...other spices as needed). …
answered May 23 by moscafj
Passata is crushed tomato. Tomato paste is a concentrate of tomato produced by cooking for a long time, removing seeds and skin, and cooking further. They are different products that are going to pr …
answered Apr 22 '15 by moscafj
I would not throw any part away. There is flavor in all parts of the tomato, particularly the interior (see my comments under an alternate response below). Plus, if you are pureeing first, don't you …
answered Nov 28 '18 by moscafj
Bearnaise is based on hollandaise (hollandaise being one of the 5 French mother sauces). Yes, it is an egg yolk-butter emulsion with the addition of herbs. Personally, I would say that it is a versi …
answered Dec 23 '15 by moscafj
butter and flour (which can be delicious on their own) there are few other flavor components, say, as compared to a pan sauce. A grating of nutmeg can create interest. Not all dairy based sauces use …
answered Sep 3 '18 by moscafj
Since the bulk of this recipe is "Italian dressing", I would start there, before considering alternative sweeteners. Bottled Italian dressing probably is sweetened to begin with (check ingredients... …
answered Sep 13 '16 by moscafj
I would cook the sauce and toss in the mint at the last minute, right before you use the sauce. I don't think you want to heat/cook the mint, as it might result in too much of a vegetal note. Of … course, more mint and/or more surface area (chopped) would produce more flavor...depends on your use of the sauce. …
answered Sep 25 '14 by moscafj
Put leftover sauce in a zip-style freezer bag. Seal most of the way. Lay on counter and gently remove air, sealing the rest of the way at the last moment. Freeze flat. Freezing will extend the shelf life. Freezing flat will allow for easier storage, and faster thawing. …
answered May 23 '18 by moscafj
If the canned good is already "spaghetti sauce", it simply needs to be heated. There is no need to cook it for hours. If you are beginning with canned tomatoes, and making your own sauce, 20 to 30 minutes is usually enough to cook a basic Italian tomato sauce. …
answered Jan 28 by moscafj
A typical, basic Italian tomato sauce is made with canned (preferably San Marzano) tomatoes. It is simply made. Saute some onion, with some garlic (not a or two cloves, sliced, per 28oz … edges is fine. Then add hand crushed tomato and cook for 20 - 30 minutes. This basic sauce then becomes the ingredient for a variety of Italian dishes. From there it really depends on what kind of …
answered Feb 7 '15 by moscafj
If your fond is burning, your pan is too hot. Preheat your pan over medium or low heat. Add your protein. Monitor the cooking so that you get browning, even deep browning, but not burning. It is ok …
answered Jun 7 '18 by moscafj
Where do you live? What is the source of your basil? As the comments point out, there could be more than one source of your pesto bitterness. However, since you imply that you have been successful …
answered Feb 12 by moscafj
Have you ever had the experience, when cooking in stainless steel, of the oils browning onto the edges of the pan? You know, the brown gunk that is really tough to clean usually takes a scru …
answered Aug 21 '16 by moscafj
finishes the cooking, emulsifies the sauce, and mixes in the the condiment. The final dish is not about pasta or the condiment in isolation, but rather the combination. Just like a salad is not … about the lettuce, per se, but the combination of lettuce and dressing. It is true that pasta will potentially absorb the sauce and get mushy if stored in fridge. This is less of a problem if sauced …
answered Mar 9 '16 by moscafj

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