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Beef is the meat of adult cattle (cows & bulls). Use this tag for questions about selecting, identifying, storing, preparing, replacing or cooking with beef as an ingredient. Questions about dishes which include beef, but are not focused on beef, should not use this tag.

similar, except I use shredded beef, the meat is different, but the seasonings are fairly similar. The recipe I started from calls for the following. I'm posting it as it gives an idea of the quantities … mid cooking, for shredded beef, I'd add it prior to cooking if you're using ground beef. Omitted for me, for the same reason as the powder) I have slightly increased other ingredients, to compensate for a lack of onions. I may try using some vinegar next time. …
answered Nov 29 '10 by talon8
I believe it's another name for the tenderloin. http://www.recipes4us.co.uk/Beef%20Cuts.htm Also, if you check out this other fillet of beef recipe from the same show: http://www.foodnetwork.com … /recipes/ina-garten/fillet-of-beef-recipe/index.html You can see a much better picture of the meat. That one is clearly a tenderloin. So The Fillet Mignon is part of that technically... …
answered Jan 20 '12 by talon8
Do you know what cut of Kobe beef you had in Japan? Assuming budget is not an issue, your best bet will be to find the same cut in a Kobe Style or Wagyu beef. This is available in Canada. Get the … same cut as whatever you had in Wagyu beef. If you have no idea what cut it was, I'd probably start with a ribeye. It's one of the better, more popular cuts (also pricier). For example, Costco has Kobe …
answered Dec 17 '14 by talon8
Generally speaking when speaking of "stew beef", the meat will break down more the longer you cook it. I often make shredded beef for tacos out of that cut by simmmering it for a few hours or more … . At 1 hour, I'd say it was undercooked. For example: http://www.foodnetwork.ca/recipes/Main/Beef/recipe.html?dishid=1772 In there he recommends using stewing beef, browning it first and then "... stew until the meat is tender and can be cut with a spoon. This will take at least an hour and a half." …
answered Dec 9 '10 by talon8
Cooking by time isn't always the most reliable way to judge done-ness. I would just use the times (as is), as a guidline, but insert a thermometer and aim for 135-140 F for medium rare. The thermomet …
answered Dec 16 '10 by talon8