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Questions about use of, features of, or identification of a stove.

The spark igniter on a typical gas stove that replaces the pilot light of older stoves should stop once the stove is lit. Two reasons off the top of my head that this could malfunction. It's wet or … dirty. Moisture/dirt can interfere with the spark igniter. Make sure you clean the igniter and the stove and burner around the igniter well. This might require a bit of disassembly if you spilled a …
answered Aug 19 '16 by talon8
stove top, so most of these thoughts are about that. We're still not finalized, so I'm also curious what answers others post. We talked to multiple sales people from multiple local and nationwide … very near to) in quality, durability and performance. For the stove top Wolf and a few others have a double stacked burner. This means that you can do a extremely low simmer (melt chocolate on a paper …
answered Jun 3 '11 by talon8
of each of those at different rates. On a stove, you can avoid too much moisture and fat from leaving your food by cooking it extremely quickly (in a stir-fry). . You can't sear something in an oven … and you can't roast something on the stove. The two are simply not the same, because fundamentally the two are not the same, you are not going to get the same results. It's really as simple as that. You can't take two entirely methods and argue that you get the same results. …
answered Dec 10 '10 by talon8