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Questions covering wine for both cooking and drinking, including selecting appropriate wines

Not really. Letting the wine breath is basically just allowing some of the phenolic components of the wine oxidize lightly, which can improve the wine in your mouth. However when you are cooking, you … are beating the piss out of the wine anyway and loosing most of the gentler esters that are improved thusly. Additionally the wine is breathing plenty in the skillet. …
answered Jan 24 '16 by Escoce
Principally price is based on reputation for producing a special quality product. However since you mentioned it in your question, if you do not like wine, it won't matter how much you pay for it … untested wine drinker, there are basically 6 or 8 kinds of wine roughly split in half between whites and reds (there is a lot more variation than that but let's keep it simple) You need to try each "kind …
answered Jan 26 '16 by Escoce
My stew is tomato and red wine based. The stew wouldn't be the same without the wine being the principle fluid component, and no the stew doesn't taste like wine at all when it's done. It gives it a … complex fruity/floral quality and helps soften the meat. The stew is cooked at simmering for 2-1/2 hours. If the recipe calls for boiling the wine, then do it because the effect on the wine is as …
answered Feb 23 '15 by Escoce
You can, but it will have a very different effect to your fruitcake. The booziness of liquor is what makes the fruitcake taste the way it does. The fruitcake will probably still taste great, but it w …
answered Dec 8 '15 by Escoce
The wine will soften the meat, and will increase the floral qualities of the dish. When I make beef stew, Red Wine (usually cab sav) is the only liquid (meaning it replaces water) added. For chicken … , you could replace any water or broth with white wine. I'd go with a Sav Blanc since it has a nice crispy tartness to it that would translate the chicken into something very delicious. If your dish …
answered Feb 17 '15 by Escoce