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Yeast is a one-celled organism that provides the leavening (rise) to breads. It is usually sold dry, in small granules, and must be activated with water and heat. Yeast is also used to ferment wine and beer: it consumes sugar, and produces alcohol as a byproduct.

Probably the best advice is to look up a recipe that doesn't need yeast to begin with (searching "cinnamon roll without yeast" got me a bunch of recipes), or you can try looking for "quick" versions … of cinnamon rolls - quick-bread is, well, quicker to make because chemical leaveners are faster than using yeast, so again you should be able to find recipes that don't rely on yeast among those …
answered Feb 15 '17 by Megha
No, I really don't think you can have "sourdough yeast". If you want sourdough without the "fuss", you can look up sourdough flavor additive and see what works for you - one here, and here, just for … examples. The thing is, sourdough starter isn't just yeast, it is a complex community - including several strains of wild yeast and bacteria, and a complexity that comes from aging. Yeasts can be …
answered Mar 27 '17 by Megha
That silty precipitate is just a thing that happens when fermenting - it's the yeasts dying off and settling out of the solution. I've seen it with mead, yeast-based soda recipes, and other … fermented drinks (like fermented lemonade etc) - your ginger ale would be yeast based soda, by the way, if you drink while fairly young and carbonated, like with a day or two of fermentation (you can have …
answered Jun 26 '18 by Megha