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Questions about handling, preparing, or cooking chicken, either whole or parts.

We start with our older laying hens & roosters. remove Head, dip in boiling water pluck chicken. Next gut. Place aside giblets. Wash in cold well water. Place in large pressure cooker. With salt … , onion chopped, garlic, pepper, morening leaf. Feet may be left on. Cook 4 to 6 hours till meat falls of bones. Cool. remove grease from top. Remove all bones. Large chunks of chicken cut up. Taste broth …
answered Feb 15 '17 by J Bergen
. Set in rack. Set in fowl. Chicken or duck. Slap on lid. Wait 2 nin. remove flame. let set 5 min. Remove lid. All smoke should be gone & into bird. Skin will be crisp & dry. to touch. Smoke will soak …
answered Feb 28 '17 by J Bergen
They are our old laying hens & rosters. To tough to eat. Feet & often head all go in the broth. Slow cook overnight or 24 hours for old rosters. Remove meat from bones. Cut up add back to broth. Spice …
answered Jul 4 '17 by J Bergen
There are many smells & taste to chicken. Depending on what they eat. Most of ours are free range here. Is it a different brand? Each company has there own feed for chicken. So little different smell …
answered May 11 '17 by J Bergen
Turkey legs & thigh are a darker meat than pen raised chicken. Breast is dryer. More taste to the bird. It is best to bake upside down. This lets the fat in the back drip threw it. Makeing it self … the liver. Liver should be fine chopped mixed with fat spice & onion not to much. Baked last hour for a liver dish on the side. Neck is best saved for soup with chicken parts. I like the legs …
answered Nov 16 '17 by J Bergen
Rub the chicken with a glazing mix. Inside & out. Inside for flavor. Outside to seal the skin. Bake at 350f 180c. …
answered Jul 28 '17 by J Bergen
for rough figuring. On chicken & turkey at the store. Legs would be 50 t0 60% bone. Breast far less. bone. Per. meat. This is raw fowl. This is why when you buy a turkey at thanksgiving you always buy one over 18lb. For max. meat to bone ratio. Same with chicken. Ducks are different build. …
answered Aug 28 '17 by J Bergen
Chinese plum sweet & sour mix is one of my favorites. You can find recipes online. Also mango with a dose of red cane rum in it, but made about the same as plum. Use sweet, ripe to slightly overripe …
answered Jan 2 '18 by J Bergen