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What is this slimy Asian leafy green?

Although it's hard to say without seeing the stalks, your description of the flavor and texture is consistent with Malabar Spinach, also called Wood Ear. It's used in a variety of Asian and African ...
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What is this slimy Asian leafy green?

It's called Malabar spinach,my family grows this kind of vegetable in china.
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What’s the actual difference between soy sauce and miso?

Yes, and no. Soy sauce could be said to be a by-product of miso. It can also be said to be a way to use “spoiled” miso. As step 2 for both products differs: Both start out with the same aerobic (“...
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What is the secret to to Vietnamese spring roll skins?

The first picture looks like spring rolls made with wheat flour-based wrappers and deep fried. The filling also appears to contain a large proportion of cabbage and carrots. The second picture looks ...
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Substitute for red bean paste?

I suggest marron paste, can be similar in texture to koshi an, and tastewise, it is not that far as well imo.
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How to tell if pork-filled steamed buns are pre-cooked?

The product's labeling should have specific language/verbiage that would indicate whether or not the the product is fully cooked or not. Please note that there is a distinction between "fully ...
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could i substitute mushrooms for pork/chicken in a dumpling recipe?

You may want to consider that mushrooms are mostly water, in any case significantly “wetter” than your mince. A standard procedure to deal with the issue is to cook (or fry) the chopped mushrooms ...
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Wok slides around in ring

yes there is a fix…just add food to the wok. In most cases the added weight of the food will balance the weight of the handle. I don’t really find the position an issue, it just means that the ...
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How to cook multiple batches in a wok without things burning

I would say that if things are sticking to your wok, you probably have not used it enough and have not built up enough seasoning on it. Or you are not using enough oil, or cooking with dare I say it, ...
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Trick to making perfect egg ribbons?

I had trouble with this, my first attempts ended up with egg mist rather than proper ribbons. My trick to make the eggs solidify faster and therefore make bigger ribbons was based on two things: Don'...
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