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Moose have bellies, so there is no reason that you can't make moose bacon. If you like moose, there is a high likelihood you will like moose bacon. Whether or not other people like it or not is not really something we address on this site. I would say, give it a go and report back. Here is a brief conversation about moose bacon. It might help.


I ended up removing the bacon after the slow roast in order to sear the fat cap at the end. It turned out okay. Next time I think I’ll just use the bacon to impart the flavors during the marinading/aging process, and cook it without bacon wrap. I think the crust would come out better that way.


One of the points of the serious eats article is to help you achieve a crust on your roast. It seems to me, that if your roast is wrapped in bacon, your roast will not have a crust, rather, the bacon will be the crusty (possibly burned if you are not careful) part. I think this depends on what you want as the exterior of your roast. If you are going for ...

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