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What is a reasonable culinary substitute for cucurbita maxima or other pumpkins used in pie and bread?

Sweet potato is similar to pumpkin in pies (and some feel superior), and would probably work well in quick breads and muffins as well. Spices in these types of baked goods are generally predominant ...
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British vs. American Scones

A large part of the issue is how variable British scone recipes can be. I looked at a good few recipes over the weekend, mainly for cheese scones, as that was what I was making, but also for plain ...
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British vs. American Scones

I think you’ve hit upon the main issue: British scones are not the same American scones. (And British biscuits aren’t American biscuits, either) There are two items vaguely similar to a British ...
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What is a reasonable culinary substitute for cucurbita maxima or other pumpkins used in pie and bread?

It depends why you are substituting. Many other winter squashes (butternut, acorn, delicata) will probably do, if it's an issue of availability in your area.
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Is double milled flour the same as 00 type flour?

No, double milled flour is not 00 flour. The 00 on flour is a measure of the milling fineness, this does not indicate that it has been double milled. In fact, I can find a number of sites that sell ...
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British vs. American Scones

Additional confusion comes if you consider "biscuits in gravy" tends toward what a commonwealth person might know as "dumplings". From my experience in NZ, dumplings are basically ...
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what caused my chiffon cake deflated after taken out from the oven

I agree with the comment to your question that it will be difficult to come to an exact cause as you have departed from the recipe so much. However, as your cake did rise I'm going to suggest the ...
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How to make my millet crispbread less hard?

I think, but don't know for sure, that the problem here is the development of the starch gel in the cracker. Basically, what happens when you add water to starch and heat it, is that it forms granules ...
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Preserving sweetness during baking without sugar

Unfortanately with low carb cooking - different sweetners work better with some recipes than others. Allulose is my favorite sugar alternative. It does not affect blood sugar - AT ALL (as a previous ...
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