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Cocoa vs cacao pâte vs 100% dark chocolate

First, let's get the English terms straight. What Pierre Hermé meant is chocolate liquor, and the translator should have researched the term, instead of simply using a French word where an unambguous ...
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Yield of construction gingerbread

You are not the first baker stumbling about the unpredictable yield issue. There’s even one baker - Stella Parks of Serious Eats fame - that addresses exactly that in her article on construction ...
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Cocoa vs cacao pâte vs 100% dark chocolate

Cocoa beans are processed into two different products. Cocoa powder and cocoa butter. As the names suggest, the first is a powder and the second one has a consistency similar to regular cow milk ...
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vegan meringue substitute without aquafaba for cake

Use aquafaba from some other kind of beans. White kidney beans seem to work well. Chickpea aquafaba is the most popular because it's the most neutral-tasting, and is a bit easier to work with. But ...
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