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Yield of construction gingerbread

You are not the first baker stumbling about the unpredictable yield issue. There’s even one baker - Stella Parks of Serious Eats fame - that addresses exactly that in her article on construction ...
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vegan meringue substitute without aquafaba for cake

Use aquafaba from some other kind of beans. White kidney beans seem to work well. Chickpea aquafaba is the most popular because it's the most neutral-tasting, and is a bit easier to work with. But ...
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Cocoa vs cacao pâte vs 100% dark chocolate

First, let's get the English terms straight. What Pierre Hermé meant is chocolate liquor, and the translator should have researched the term, instead of simply using a French word where an unambguous ...
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Cocoa vs cacao pâte vs 100% dark chocolate

Cocoa beans are processed into two different products. Cocoa powder and cocoa butter. As the names suggest, the first is a powder and the second one has a consistency similar to regular cow milk ...
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Preserving sweetness during baking without sugar

Unfortanately with low carb cooking - different sweetners work better with some recipes than others. Allulose is my favorite sugar alternative. It does not affect blood sugar - AT ALL (as a previous ...
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Temperature to bake/warm up a pumpkin pie that isnt frozen

Pumpkin pie is normally served at room temperature, so leaving it on the counter for a few hours should suffice. If you want to warm it slightly, 15 minutes uncovered in a 140°C oven followed by ...
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I made a triple batch of plain cookies and realized I had added too much sugar..hard, crisp and very sweet. Can I make a sort of cake ball with it?

You could also pop them into your food processor and process until the texture of graham cracker crumbs. Store them in a ziploc or vac pack. When you have a recipe that requires a graham cracker or ...
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How can I keep this flourless cake from falling?

This is not the nature of flourless chocolate cakes in general, but it seems to be the nature of this recipe. What the recipe has you make is basically a large Dutch baby. While the ground hazelnuts ...
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Is it safe to bake dough in a microwave?

I've always microwaved pot pies and both the top and bottom come out just fine. They actually are crisp. You could bake mini pies like Apple or Cherry in the microwave considering pot pies work great. ...
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Why is supermarket bread soft?

The answer is simple, but it has NOTHING to do with adding steam. Steam actually will cause the crust to harden once the bread is exposed to air, so the mass market bakeries try to bake with minimum ...
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What is a reasonable culinary substitute for cucurbita maxima or other pumpkins used in pie and bread?

It depends why you are substituting. Many other winter squashes (butternut, acorn, delicata) will probably do, if it's an issue of availability in your area.
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What is a reasonable culinary substitute for cucurbita maxima or other pumpkins used in pie and bread?

Sweet potato is similar to pumpkin in pies (and some feel superior), and would probably work well in quick breads and muffins as well. Spices in these types of baked goods are generally predominant ...
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What is a reasonable culinary substitute for cucurbita maxima or other pumpkins used in pie and bread?

I find that hominy (also known as maiz de pozole or dent corn) can be boiled and mashed into a paste reminiscent of pumpkin paste. The flavor of hominy is distinct from the flavor of pumpkin. In order ...
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Nutella nougat very oily

Using a confectionery emulsifier, which reduces oil separation might help. Failing that, instead of using Nutella, add hazelnut butter into the ganache. If the nut-butter has no emulsifiers, it will ...
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what caused my chiffon cake deflated after taken out from the oven

I agree with the comment to your question that it will be difficult to come to an exact cause as you have departed from the recipe so much. However, as your cake did rise I'm going to suggest the ...
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