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Use about 3-4 boxes of Arm and Hammer Baking Soda, one on each shelf in the freezer and use better sealing freezer bags and not ziplock. I would suggest a machine that heat seals them. Good luck!


When I've had to peel a bunch, I work in stages: Top and tail every banana Slit peel on every banana from one end to the other Use thumbs to split open peel and invert over a bowl You can rip through a whole case of bananas rather quickly that way.


Although it surprises me a bit that three bags are not enough, Ziploc bags do in fact not form an absolutely gas tight seal. If you have the means, you can try vacuum-sealing the bananas, or pack them in a container that actually has a proper seal/gasket. If this still does not help, try packing them in a glass or metal container (again, with a positive ...

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