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Look for A-Maze-N - Their products are designed to add smoke. I have a 5x8 "Maze" (it looks like one of those brownies pans that makes every piece have two hard edges) that lasts for close to 10 hours with a couple of handfuls of pellets. They also have models that work with sawdust. If you're doing pellets, don't use standard furnace pellets. Always use ...


Twenty four hours will be fine. Most recipes I see suggest 8 to 24 hours, but if you look around on the BBQ forums, you'll find people who rub and leave in the fridge for up to 3 or 4 days.


Push & twist, very similar mechanism to a bayonet-fitting light bulb. Three hooks go over three pins, then you turn it to lock. I cannot tell from the photos whether the pins are in situ. Just in case it's not entirely clear from that brief description, you lift the 'bucket' up underneath, it should fit outside the flange on the main structure. Then ...


Given this photo I found, it seems that the rod in your second photo is necessary. Unfortunately, I can't find alternate perspectives or an instruction manual. It would certainly not glue in, but it might push through allowing the bottom to hang. Then it could be removed to clean the ashes.


From what I understand, the usual way to campfire-cook an egg (without pots'n'pans, I mean) is to pierce a little hole in it on one end, I think on the large end so the bubble of air leaks out before any egg does, and then partially bury it right next to the campfire so it bakes slowly-ish. I've heard of burying in earth or in ashes, depending on one's ...

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