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Increasing the earthy flavor of beets?

Variety-wise there are many beet types, I have grown a few and I've found that red beet varieties have earthier flavors rather than golden ones. Larger beets of the same variety tend to be less sweet ...
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Can commercially sold, vacuum-packed beetroot (cooked) be stored under room temperature?

Forgot to update. They went bad (blew up actually) after a week or so, when the expiry date on the packet is months away. So at least in my case, some beetroots in vacuum packaging should be stored in ...
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Should I use raw beets in my smoothie recipe?

It sounds like this a juice recipe, not a smoothie recipe. It may work if you put it in your blender, as I've seen recipes for smoothies with similar ingredients like this one but it will probably ...
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Using beet stock

Beet Lemonade. No need for sugar. Just squeeze some fresh lemon, chill and sip. :P
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How to prevent brillant pink raw bread dough from cooking up to yellow?

Adding a small amount (0.2% of dough) of ascorbic or citric acid to the dough will help stabilize the red/pink color. MiMintzer's answer explains why.
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Beets have a fungus

Yes, even if the leaves are somewhat infected, the roots will usually be fine. Unless you find soft or moldy spots, the root should be good to eat. Note that the roots, as storage organs, are in most ...
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Can commercially sold, vacuum-packed beetroot (cooked) be stored under room temperature?

A lot of vacuum-packed things are pasteurized and will be shelf-stable. In general, though, raw vegetables will not be. Raw beetroot, like other root vegetables, will last for a shockingly long time ...
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Increasing the earthy flavor of beets?

I take each beet, trim it, wrap it in foil and then toss them in the oven (probably best on a baking sheet - in case you didn't wrap so well - juices could run out). I generally go at 400-450 or so ...
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Homemade Beet Pasta loses color when cooked

You could use commercial food coloring. I wouldn't tell, and it wouldn't take much. I use this brand for baking, I'm sure it would be fine in pasta:
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Using beet stock

I peel beets, quick rinse, then boil in water and seasoning as I want to create the stock. After serving the cut beets, I throw the rinsed, cut beet greens (or any other greens on hand) into the stock ...
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Using beet stock

If you make jams or jellies, use the beet water instead of plain water for a healthier version of your favorite jam/jelly (blueberry, strawberry, cherry or raspberry). Also, good in homemade vegetable ...
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