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Can a sealed jar be unsafe?

You are using a process known as "canning". (That you are using jars rather than cans is mostly immaterial; the purpose and principles of the process are the same.) Canning preserves food by ...
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My pepper sauce looks unsafe

If it is only 3 days in the fridge, it is likely not growth. Alternatively it is just olive oil solidified. To test this, take it and warm it. If it melts into olive oil then it is olive and not ...
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Can a sealed jar be unsafe?

It's completely possible. Sealing by itself doesn't preserve the food, effective processing does, then the seal keeps it from regaining any microbes which could cause spoilage. If your food is sealed ...
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Can a sealed jar be unsafe?

Yes, it's possible. If the soup is producing gas and smelling bad, then it's bad, even if it hasn't popped the seal yet.
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