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Which of these has less impact on the structure of bread dough - wheat bran or oat bran?

Start with "Use less bran!" - 18.75% of the flour as bran is a LOT of bran. 100% whole wheat (which is hard to get "light" results from) only has 14.5% bran. Any bran has the ...
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What is it about Malthouse flours that makes them so "special"?

Not a full answer, but the ascorbic acid listed as an "antioxidant" is vitamin C, which is used to help bread rise by strengthening the gluten. You may not need it in your own custom mix, ...
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What is it about Malthouse flours that makes them so "special"?

Malting is a process used in brewing and sometimes in manufacture of flours etc, where the grain is germinated by soaking and then dried again. This process converts the starches that the seed ...
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When increasing the amount of a single ingredient in bread, how do I calculate how much to increase the others?

The key is that the percentages remain unchanged - they simply give the various ratios of the ingredients based on the flour weight. What you need to adjust is the absolute weighs by the same factor ...
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What is it about Malthouse flours that makes them so "special"?

I reckon there are two factors: the flakes, which concentrate fibre, so the actual flour and therefore the bread has a bit less. the flavour from the malt. This is generally reckoned to give a tasty ...
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Why is supermarket bread soft?

The answer is simple, but it has NOTHING to do with adding steam. Steam actually will cause the crust to harden once the bread is exposed to air, so the mass market bakeries try to bake with minimum ...
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Can a Japanese bread knife be used to cut hard crust bread?

You are not being paranoid. Bread knives are quite difficult to sharpen, and Japanese bread, in general, is quite soft. It's a reasonable concern, even if hard-crust bread is still much softer than ...
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