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First, be aware that substituting brown for white sugar will result in a different product. Brown sugar has molasses flavors, and absorbs water differently from white sugar, so both the taste and texture of the final baked goods will be different and no amount of adjusting quantities will change this. With that in mind, 1 cup of packed brown sugar, ...


Brown sugar is equivalent to sugar plus molasses. If you mix brown sugar and (white) sugar, you'll get slightly brown sugar. Any benefits you were expecting from the (white) sugar, you'll still get. Any benefits you were expecting from the molasses, you'll get less of.


I’ve had this problem several times with melting brown sugar and butter together and boiling it. The key is to start on a lower temperature, stirring the brown sugar and butter as it melts. Allow the mixture to slowly get to a boil and then leave it-allow it to boil on its own evaporating some of the liquid. Never do this on high temperature-it wrecks it ...

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