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Effect that gluten-free flour had on brownies

Your brownies aren't more moist, but they are denser which makes them a bit gooey. A good gluten free flour these days is usually pretty comparable to plain all-purpose wheat flour when it comes to ...
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Effect that gluten-free flour had on brownies

No, there aren't simple adjustments. Gluten cannot be replaced, and gluten-free recipes attempt to get reasonably close to gluten-containing ones, but generally don't get the exact same texture. I'm ...
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I put five times (1.25 cup vs 0.25 cup) the recipe's amount of water but the correct amount of oil into my brownie mix

As you added five times as much water as it needed, you really need to multiply everything else by 5 too. I'm not really sure I see an easy way out of this. You could try pouring onto a shallow tray &...
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Substitute for vegetable oil in brownies

If you would like your boxed mix brownies chewier and fudgier try Melted butter, strong coffee instead of water, and one less egg. The egg makes it cakier, more springy. Adding one less egg will make ...
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How do I stop my brownies from rising?

I can only give second-hand advice (for I bake, but usually bread, not cakes and such), but my s.o. drops the pan of brownies roughly half-way through the baking process from maybe 15 cm (~6 in) onto ...
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Can couverture chocolate be substituted with other ingredients?

Try mixing regular chocolate with white chocolate: this is a tricky trick that mimics the couverture effect. You need to use good quality white chocolate and gently melt it together with regular ...
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