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Why do Brussels sprouts only taste good when cut?

I think you're on to something with regards to cut pieces cooking more evenly than whole sprouts. But I also think you might be seeing causation where you should just be seeing correlation. The "...
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Why do Brussels sprouts only taste good when cut?

From a strictly scientific standpoint, you're spot on that cutting them in half reduces bitterness. Brussel sprouts contain thiocyanates (a type of glucosinolate) that cause bitterness, and are more ...
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Make crispy brussel sprouts

The secret is to steam them partway. Sprouts are tough and dense, if you roast them the outside tends to dry out by the time the inside is done, even if you cut them down the middle. I steam them ...
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I bought a bag of Brussels sprouts that looked fine but smelled exceptionally bad, even for sprouts

What you are describing is what we call a food that has "soured". (This is what I was taught growing up.) The food looks and feels perfect but has that awful sour odor. In my experience it is from ...
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Are Brussels Sprouts and Brussel Sprouts the same dish?

The veggie is correctly spelled brussels sprouts. I assume spelling it without the "s" is just an error or being unaware of the proper spelling. Wikipedia suggests the vegetable got its ...
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Wasabi (peas) brussel sprouts?

I once attempted to make Brussel Sprout Chips (in much the same way you can make Kale chips)... That worked... now if you can make a wasabi sauce/dressing or sprinkle freshly grated Wasabi so it bakes ...
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Can I freeze (raw) Brussels Sprouts to mimic the effects of frost?

I tried this recently. Washed & dried them and put them in a plastic bag in freezer for 30 mins only. It worked well for me - they were much tastier and a better texture.
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