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Cocoa butter isn't like regular butter as it is very hard at room temperature. It's what makes chocolate so hard when cooled, so it's not ideal for a creamy frosting. There are many other alternatives that would work better, for instance vegan butters which are designed to mimic butter's properties. Some vegetable shortenings can work as well, although they ...


I assume you are talking about something like : Yeah, you could do it. If you have parchment paper or silpat silicon baking mat, it would be even better


There is no exact limit, it's a subjective/linguistic question. With every carrot you add, the proportion of people who recognize your result as "cake" will go down and those who recognize it as something else will go up. That being said, I now checked my preferred books for recipes that do quickbreads and muffins by the volume, and they tend to ...


Here are some different options for non-dairy frosting without vegan butter. Then I got on a roll, and came up with some non-frosting suggestions. Make your own vegan butter, then use it in a buttercream frosting recipe. Tofu cream cheese frosting. Drain and press some tofu. Substitute the tofu plus some vegan coconut yogurt into a cream cheese frosting ...

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