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No hygiene issues however, if it's a recipe requiring highly sifted flour or cream-sugar-with-butter or mix-vanilla-paste-with-sugar then quality may be lost. For a brownie recipe, dry mix can be left in a tupperware with room to add wet ingredients and shake.


There is certainly no problem with doing it in the exact described scenario (mixing for one cake a few days ahead). I would be wary with mixing in bulk though. Not only is it very difficult to mix the powders perfectly evenly, but there is also a physical effect which makes the mix uneven if the box is moved during storage. So, if you start doing this for ...


There's no issue with doing this, as you are no doubt aware ready-made cake mixes are sold boxed in stores and they aren't much different than you describe. Boxed mixes will often have anti-caking agents to prevent the dry ingredients from clumping up after a few weeks on the shelf, this won't be a concern for you if the mix will only be made a couple of ...


To answer the question about the outer texture, my guess is that you oven is too hot. Oftentimes, it's a good idea to reduce the heat and increase the oven time. This is just a guess, mind. You can also put the cake on a lower shelve. What you can do is bake it low and slow. If you want to brown the cake, you can turn up the heat to 180ºC for a few minutes ...

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