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The asymmetry of the rise can only be explained by the asymmetry of the heat source, as explained in GdD's answer. However, you commented that you didn't think that answer explained why the crust on the top was so strong, and wondered whether the recipe was wrong or the ingredients were bad. I think that the heat source of your particular "oven" explains ...


I agree with GdD's answer but will add that your oven might not be level. If you have an oven that is not level you wont notice when roasting food but is a nightmare for baking.


A cake baking uneven to that degree makes me thing the heat source is really uneven. One side of the oven is hot, the other is much cooler. I've seen a fan oven cause some uneven baking before but never to that degree. Make sure your oven is pre-heated for at least 10 to 15 minutes before baking If you have fan oven and you have no non-fan mode try putting ...


You may want to run a knife gently through the batter to pop any air bubbles before baking. While not included in all chiffon/angle food cake recipes, directions to remove large air pockets by running a knife through the batter in the pan before baking is not that unusual.


Boyajian lemon oil... Only use a few drops. Won't affect the recipe texture. Pure flavor. Probably find at Whole Foods, New Seasons, etc. My Costco has it also.


According to this Korean blog post it is Salamande bread, and the packaging calls it "Taste of Europe". You know Koreans love a good European bakery. Salamande is also covered in this blog post as well.


I agree that you need to emulsify the eggs and oil like when you make mayonnaise. It works every time for me and no oily cakes or biscuits. First beat the eggs until fluffy. Drip the oil in literally drop for drop until it emulsifies. It will emulsify after about 10 drops. If you skip the drop for drop method your egg and oil will seperate (split). Once ...

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