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Mixing starches with sugar to make chewy candies

I stumbled onto this post looking for a recipe for candy made with tapioca starch because I was wanting to find out how to make GinGins also. I bought my first tiny pack today (of the chewy ones)…and ...
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How do I use Carnauba or Beeswax for Candy?

For gummies in an industrial setting, these come pre-blended to simplify application and process. In a kitchen or commercial setting, carnauba is usually applied as a finely ground powder because of ...
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How to soften hard gummy candies

Unfortunately... you can't really soften them without some serious degradation or time. They are died out, and water diffusion does not easily occur without melting everything down and reforming them,...
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How do I prevent my sugar coating from melting on my gummy bears

You may need higher brix. Deposit >74 (absolute minimum) brix Not curing long enough before coating- give them time to breathe then sand for better results. If you wait longer than 24H you may ...

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