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Can a sealed jar be unsafe?

It's completely possible. Sealing by itself doesn't preserve the food, effective processing does, then the seal keeps it from regaining any microbes which could cause spoilage. If your food is sealed ...
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Can a sealed jar be unsafe?

Yes, it's possible. If the soup is producing gas and smelling bad, then it's bad, even if it hasn't popped the seal yet.
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Can a sealed jar be unsafe?

You are using a process known as "canning". (That you are using jars rather than cans is mostly immaterial; the purpose and principles of the process are the same.) Canning preserves food by ...
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Extending shelf life of canned tomatoes

The expiration date on canned goods is for quality, not safety. You can safely eat canned goods years past the expiration date, but the quality will suffer. Re-canning the tomatoes will not improve ...
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Canning question

See below for an excerpt from the USDA Complete Guide to Home Canning, Part 1: Principles of Home Canning, where they say that if the pressure falls below the required pressure, you must raise the ...
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