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Just to expound upon what @Tetsujin wrote above, if you burned the oil start again. And by start again, I mean scrub off the burnt residual oils and go from there If you don't have an oven you will need to be extra careful. The beauty of an oven is you can set the temperature more easily. I would recommend you try and find a place to season it that has an ...


It sounds to me like you are using too much heat to allow the seasoning process to work, instead the oil is burning off before it can polymerize and form the seasoning layer. The bits that are already seasoned probably don't need to be re-seasoned; you can add seasoning to the areas where it is not seasoned. You may want to do multiple layers to ensure that ...


IKEA cast iron skillet that sells for about $179. Going to look different because it’s not as heavy as a cast-iron frying pan. But it is indeed a cast-iron pot and you have to treat it the same way as far as how you clean and season etc.https ://

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