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Stop Hummus from darkening

Sure, a few tips below. Note that you're not going to be able to keep it from drying/darkening entirely; the below is intended to keep it as appetizing as possible despite this. Use a higher % of ...
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Are there any cookbooks specifically designed for restaurant-level chefs/cooks?

Disclaimer: Not a professional Look at what organizations that train professionals use. For example, the Culinary Institute of America publishes The Professional Chef. My understanding is this an ...
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Can I use both racks at the same time to bake chicken wings?

Yes, you can! Make sure to check the wings occasionally to see if the pans need to be switched to ensure even cooking. One of the racks may get hotter than the other. You can also make sure that both ...
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Are there any cookbooks specifically designed for restaurant-level chefs/cooks?

Most book about molecular cooking tend to be on the expert or restaurant level. For example, the El Bulli books are full with exotic ingredients, techniques and equipments that are not usually found ...
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What are "cheese Parmentiers"?

Some quick Googling leads me to believe these are "Bouchées Parmentier au Fromage" (literally 'mouthfuls'), which seem to be some sort of potato-and-cheese croquette. To find this, I did a ...
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Can I use both racks at the same time to bake chicken wings?

As long as you have enough space between your shelves there's no problem cooking chicken pieces on 2 layers. Some tips: Make sure you have enough space around the trays as well so air can circulate, ...
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What is the best way to keep the quality of fried food while being delivered?

The biggest scourge of fried foods is moisture. What you need is a dry absorbent vessel. I have seen paper bags packed with paper towels and left open to vent steam used successfully for what you are ...
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Is it ok according to established practice to serve a salad in addition to crudités?

It is perfectly acceptable to serve both or just one or the other. Typically crudités are considered an appetizer but, when serving crudités, a salad is not always needed. I would base my decision on ...
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How much food to serve 100 people?

What I've done in these cases myself in the past is use this reference chart to get a rough idea of starting quantities per dish. In terms of the actual number of servings I always count a full ...
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Stop Hummus from darkening

Lemon juice and boiled onion slice. I am here assuming that browning of hummus is from polyphenol oxidase, the same as for apples, taro, peaches and other fruit / vegetable products. I could not find ...
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How to cook rice outside commercially?

In Thailand I've often seen outdoor cookpots like the one below. Googling the term Thai charcoal burner will return the bottom part of the device pictured. It's filled it with charcoal and acts like a ...
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I am buying fried chicken already made and making pulled pork for 100 people (80 adults and 20 children). How many pieces of chicken should I buy?

Based on the answer to the question Johanna linked, you should aim for about 8 oz or 225g of meat per person. Without knowing how much pulled pork you intend to be serving, and which part of the ...
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Are there any cookbooks specifically designed for restaurant-level chefs/cooks?

If you are looking for book adressed especially to chefs and not made for the mass of homecooker, there is indeed some publications, at least in France, made for professionals, such as Thuries1 thoses ...
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Commercial Kitchens in the UK

Depending on the size of kitchen, the length of time you need it for and the number of people you are catering for etc., many community centres, pubs and large churches are willing to hire their ...
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How much meat should I serve per person?

In the past, when I host a party at home and I serve Buffet style with sides, Rice, Potatoes, Mc & Cheese, Salad and veggies, I end up with about 2oz of beef, whether is flank, tenderloin, etc per ...
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How to keep fried fish warm and crispy during transport to venue?

Have an empty cool steam containers or aluminum foil pans, place in the vehicle. place the fried fish ontop of a wire rack right out of the oil. when all done, place fish in paper bags. place wire ...
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How to transport several pies?

tldr: boxes from cake shops, then different ways (bags, straps, string) & considerations for carrying them (if all going to one place or multiple, if you're carrying other stuff, too) ... Cake ...
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